Degrees Offered
Abercrombie Gallery
Student Work
Associate of Arts Degree in
General Studies — Concentration in Visual Art
Studio Courses
  ART101 Basic Design I 3
  ART217 Drawing I 3
  Art218 Drawing II 3
  Art Studio Art Studio Elective 3
  Art Studio Art Studio Elective 3
  Art Studio Art Studio Elective 3
  Art Studio Art Studio Elective 3
Total Studio Courses 21
Art/Design History    
  Art 300 level Art History/Art Appreciation Elective 3
  Art 300 level Art History Elective 3
Total 6
General Studies    
  ENGL 101 English Composition I 3
  ENGL 102 English Composition II 3
  MATH 113 or 170 Algebra Or Pre-calculus College Algebra 3
  MATH elective Required Math Elective 3
  ORIN 101 Orientation 1
  Natural Science Biological or Physical 6-8
  Humanities History, Literature, Religious Studies, Philosophy,
Speech, or Foreign Language (above intro level)
  SOCL201   3
  Social Science Sociology, Psychology, Government, Political Science,
Anthropology, Geography or Economics
  Fine Arts Music, Theater, or Dance 3
Total 34-36
  Total Degree Credits   61-63

The Associate of General Studies with a Concentration in Visual Arts curriculum is a two-year liberal arts degree with a focus on art and design within the context of a broad program of general studies. Total degree credit requirements may vary from between 64 and 66 credit hours (depending on sciences elected) with 45% of the total degree requirements in the creation and study of the visual arts. Students selecting to pursue the AAGS-VA degree vary in their academic plan intentions. Students may pursue the degree alone, pursue the degree concurrently with a bachelor degree program housed in other departments/colleges, or pursue the degree with the intent of applying credits towards the B.A. in Art or Art Education at some later date. The structure of the degree plan generally reflects that of the first and second year of studies for the B.A. in Art. AAGS-VA students are assigned a visual arts faculty advisor and are required to be advised prior to registering each term.


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